Online Competition for children and adults (without age limit).
Piano and Chamber Music.
Chamber Music
Duets are allowed to participate: violin and piano, viola and piano, cello and piano. The age of the participants is not limited.

Program: one slow and one fast movement from the Sonatas of Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, Frank, Debussy (only the entire Sonata), Ravel, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich or 1 entire Sonata from this list.

The total duration should not exceed 25 minutes.

Participants make a video recording (without editing) and send it to YouTube (see "Registration").

If you play more than 1 piece you have 3 options:
- to do 1 link for all the pieces without stops;
- to do the separate link for each piece and to send us all links separated by commas;
- (the best one) make separate recordings for each piece and in youtube "glue" them to each other, so that you get one link.

Videos can be filmed on a phone or on a video camera.

The decision made by the Jury is not subject to any protests or changes.
Submitted videos are used solely for the purpose of listening to them for the "Wonder Keys" competition.The competition is not responsible for the use of these videos by anyone for other purposes.

Registration fees cannot be refunded - only if the competition does not take place at all.

Registration was closed on 1st July 2023.
(Registration deadline was extended due to website accessibility issues.)
This year we propose a special prize for the best performance of Brahms (any work except Hungarian Dances).
1st prize - € 350
2nd prize - € 300
3rd prize - € 250
  • Vassily Lobanov
    Chairman, Russia-Germany
  • Solomon Volkov
  • Anna Prabucka-Firlej
  • Misha Berkut
  • Elmira Darvarova
  • Krzysztof Sperski
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